40013 Andania worked its last train in January 1985 and was withdrawn the same month due to it being surplus to requirements after over 26 years of active service. It was popular and a favourite amongst followers of the class but gained more public interest after its withdrawal as it was used as the London Midland Region exhibition locomotive, replacing 40063. From March 1985 until finally being stored at Crewe in February 1988 the locomotive visited numerous locations.

After its withdrawal, 40013 was purchased by a private individual and moved to the South Yorkshire Railway (SYR), Sheffield. During the 10 years it resided here there was very little progress in restoring it to an operational condition. After an uneventful time at the SYR, 40013 moved to the Midland Railway Butterley in 1999. Although the locomotive was still owned by the same individual, the Class 40 Appeal took on the task of returning it to an operational condition.

The first start-up in preservation was not successful. After running for a very short while a knocking noise was heard and the locomotive shut down. Significant damage had been done as the A3 connecting rod had broken free, causing damage to the crankshaft, A3 piston and its cylinder liner.

The agreement between its owner and the Class Forty Appeal was terminated in 2002 and the locomotive was moved to Barrow Hill Roundhouse where it currently resides. Restoration work recommenced a short while later and a successful restart was undertaken in June 2003.

Date: 2010


40013, "Class 40"


40013, "Class 40"