40118 worked its last train in January 1985 and was initially withdrawn in February 1985, being shown as stored serviceable at Tyseley after over 25 years of active service. It was one of 20 Class 40s built at the Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn factory in Darlington, allowing production capacity at the Vulcan Foundry to build the 22 production Class 55 Deltics. In May that year it was reinstated to departmental traffic (and renumbered 97408 in the process) for use on engineering trains for the remodelling project at Crewe station.

The locomotive was finally withdrawn from BR service in February 1986 and bought by D318 Ltd in September 1988. It was then moved by rail from Leicester to the Birmingham Railway Museum at Tyseley where it currently resides.

Final withdrawal from BR had been due to power unit damage and a collapsed traction motor bearing. In addition, after its withdrawal, coolant had not been drained from the engine and this had resulted in damage to the engine block.

Restoration of this locomotive is an enormous task but certainly not impossible. The painstaking work is continuing at a slow but steady pace since from the outset its owners took the decision to rebuild the locomotive to mainline standard.

Dates: 2005-2011


40118, "Class 40"


40118, "Class 40"