40122 was initially withdrawn in August 1981 but following intense lobbying of British Rail (BR) by staff at Rail Enthusiast magazine the locomotive returned to traffic in April 1983.

Using parts from withdrawn class member 40076, it had been overhauled as an apprentice training scheme at Toton depot and painted in its original green livery. It was regularly used to haul normal passenger trains in the hope of attracting enthusiasts on railtours. 40122 (previously D200) was famous for having been one of a small batch of locomotives ordered under the pilot scheme for the British Transport Commission (BTC) 1955 Modernisation Plan.

Despite its reinstatement into service and deserving of recognition for representing an important historical stage in the modernisation of British railways, the future of 40122 was uncertain. Initially the National Railway Museum (NRM) in York was not interested in the locomotive. This decision however was reversed and it immediately entered the museum as part of the National Collection after its withdrawal from traffic in April 1988 after almost 30 years of active service

40122 is currently at the NRM undergoing repairs following several years operation at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Dates: 2008-2012


40122, "Class 40"


40122, "Class 40"