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Welcome to the blog section of this archive for photographs of heritage English Electric Type 4 and Type 5 diesel locomotives. The contents of this blog is not restricted to English Electric locomotives per se but reflects the casual musings of its author.

And Then There Were Five

November 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

50007, "Class 50"50007_20160401_0750007 Hercules at Mid-Norfolk Railway, Thuxton

It was with great pleasure that I heard the news that the The Fifty Fund had recently purchased 50007 Hercules.

The locomotive is pictured here at Thuxton on the Mid Norfolk Railway during the 2016 diesel gala.

Modern Traction

September 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

68022, "Class 68"68022_20160920_0368022 Resolution at Lowestoft

I'm not a fan of most modern traction, dominated as it is by characterless Class 66 locomotives. However as soon as I saw and heard a Class 68 I was more than a little impressed.

Sounding a bit like a modern Hymek with their high-revving engines, coupled with some impressive power output these locomotives are set to be a modern classic. The fact that their owners have a liking to give some of them names previously used on Class 50s is an added bonus.

Pictured above is 68022 Resolution, resting in the sun at Lowestoft, ready for a service to Norwich. The name on this locomotive had previously been used on Class 50 member 50018.

Hello To Another Old Friend

April 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

50017, "Class 50"50017_20160401_0150017 Royal Oak at Mid-Norfolk Railway, Dereham

It was with great pleasure that I got to see 50017 Royal Oak during the recent diesel gala at the Mid-Norfolk Railway.

This was the first Class 50 I saw in late 2004 having rekindled my interest in railways and not seen any of the class in operation since 1985. Back in 2004, it was inoperative and languishing in Birmingham Railway Museum, Tyseley sporting an unattractive maroon livery. The current owner and those who returned it to an operational order can be justifiably proud of their achievement that it can roar once more.

Diesel Maintenance Facility

February 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

50035, 50044, 50049, "Class 50"50044_50035_50049_20160220_0150044 Exeter, 50035 Ark Royal & 50049 Defiance at Severn Valley Railway, Kidderminster - Railways Illustrated (2016), May, pp. 36

Over the last 20 years the majority of the diesel fleet on the Severn Valley Railway have been maintained out in the open yard at Kidderminster. A consortium of the locomotive-owning groups and the railway itself embarked on a project to provide better facilities at Kidderminster.

The culmination of this project was the construction of a new diesel maintenance shed which was finally completed in early 2016. This facility has three separate roads, a full-length pit and a heavy-lifting crane.

Seeing three locomotives from The Fifty Fund all being maintained under one roof evoked memories of the class at Oak Oak Common and Laira depots in the 1980s.

Back To Blue

May 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

50035, "Class 50", 25035, "Class 25"50035_20150510_1650035 Ark Royal & 25035 at Swanage Railway, Swanage

After a number of years in a fictitious Loadhaul livery, 50035 Ark Royal made its first appearance at the Swanage Railway in standard BR corporate blue livery.

With the centre headlight removed from both cab ends and the headcode plated over, it provided an impression of how the class appeared in the late 1970s before their refurbishment.