English Electric Archive - Class 40, Class 50 and Class 55 Deltic locomotives | 55015 Tulyar
55015 Tulyar entered service with British Rail (BR) in October 1961 and named at Doncaster after the 1952 winner of The Epsom Derby. Like 55009 Alycidon, it became a member of the legendary Finsbury Park depot of Deltics named after famous racehorses until its closure. It was renumbered from D9015 in February 1974. In May 1980, the locomotive represented the class at the Rocket 150 event held at Rainhill to mark the 150th anniversary of the world's first inter-city railway.

55015 became the penultimate Deltic to work under BR on 2nd January 1982 when it hauled the Deltic Scotsman Farewell railtour from London King’s Cross -Edinburgh. Following its removal from the tour 55015 ran on to Haymarket depot for fuel, becoming the last Deltic to visit and leave the depot as a British Rail locomotive. The locomotive then ran light-engine to York where it was withdrawn due to it being surplus to requirements after over 20 years of active service.

After its withdrawal 55015 was purchased by a private individual and moved to the Midland Railway Butterley. In 1986, the locomotive was sold to the Deltic Preservation Society (DPS) and toured the country, visiting a host of open days and preserved railways.

Following its appearance at the 3 Deltics event at the East Lancashire Railway in 1997, 55015 returned to the Midland Railway Butterley and was withdrawn from traffic for a major body overhaul. The locomotive currently resides at Barrow Hill depot and is in its final stages of the overhaul.

Dates: 2010-2011


55015, "Class 55", Deltic


55015, "Class 55", Deltic


55015, "Class 55", Deltic