Paul Murray(non-registered)
Wonderfull stuff that really takes me back.I cabed every Deltic when they came in for mods/snagging at the Vulcan(inside information from my uncle,then under the sportsfield gate).Started my Apprenticeship there in 1965 and worked on the Type 4s, mainly on the bogies and snagging.Still remember the names Garnett Mills,Ernie Picton and Bob Leicester,i learnt a lot off them men!
Tomasz Nowicki(non-registered)
Beautiful website. Beautiful photos!
Zeph Van Allen(non-registered)
Wonderful and fascinating collection of images. Your in-depth study should be viewed by any train buff...
Severn Shipping By Jim Rothwell
Top notch photo collection, as Westmoreland says the info provided with the photos is wonderful.
Rory Hill Photo Galleries
Nice work. How did did you format your friendly URLs in the text?
Richard Pinnell Photography
Great rail photography!! I especially like the interior cab shots.
Westmoreland Photography
Outstanding work! The information provided about the trains is wonderful as well.
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