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A celebratory operating day was held by The Class 50 Alliance Ltd, to commemorate 30 years of partnership between the Fifty Fund (now CFA) and the Severn Valley Railway.

50031 Hood was the first locomotive belonging to The Fifty Fund to operate on the Severn Valley Railway back in 1992, although this particular locomotive is now currently out of service undergoing engine repairs.

The fleet of locomotives owned by The Fifty Fund, 50031 Hood, 50035 Ark Royal and 50044 Exeter were originally based at St Leonards Depot following their purchase from British Rail. The move of 50031 to the Severn Valley Railway gave the group an operating base on a preserved line and it has remained there ever since, being joined by 50035 and 50044 later once restoration work had been completed at St Leonards.

The group later merged with Project Defiance and locomotive 50049 Defiance joined the fleet. In more recent times The Class 50 Alliance Ltd has purchased 50007 Hercules and has also restored (whilst on long-term loan) the former National Collection locomotive 50033 Glorious to an operational status having been 14 years out of service.

Date: 2022-09-24


50049, "Class 50"


50035, "Class 50"


50033, "Class 50"


50033, "Class 50"


50033, "Class 50"


50033, "Class 50"


50033, "Class 50"


50033, "Class 50"