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The secure Long Marston rail complex is tucked away in the Warwickshire countryside between Stratford-upon-Avon and Evesham. It used to serve one of the British Army's main strategic supply depots. It is now used to store locomotives as well as new cars and other desirable commodities rather than army supplies. Winding around the facility is a complex layout of railway tracks. There are 15 miles of secluded standage together with 5 miles of running lines. This is where rolling stock comes to be either mothballed, stored or renovated.

The fleet of withdrawn ex-British Rail Class 87s currently stored at the site are currently undergoing a refurbishment programme by Electric Traction Services for export and subsequent use in Bulgaria.

50026 Indomitable and 50035 Ark Royal were both exhibitors at the Long Marston open day in June 2009. The event at the site was held in aid of the Help For Heroes charity.

Date: 2009-06-06


50026, "Class 50"


50035, "Class 50"


50035, "Class 50"


50035, "Class 50"


50035, "Class 50"


50035, "Class 50"