English Electric Archive - Class 40, Class 50 and Class 55 Deltic locomotives | Other Non-Mainline BR Classes

Currently there are more than 170 preserved British Rail diesel shunters (Classes 01-13) in the UK. These can usually be seen at various preserved railways across the country.

This is a pictorial record of the many classes of diesel shunters that are currently being restored, having thankfully been saved from the cutter’s torch. For the sake of simplicity, shunters have been labelled with their last running number worn before withdrawal. For more information about preserved British Rail shunters see the Preserved Shunters or the Heritage Shunters Trust websites.

Date: 2012-2013


03027, "Class 03"


D2229, "Class 04"


D2272, "Class 04"


D2324, "Class 04"


D2989, "Class 07"